A New Look for Firefox!

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox, version 29. It was announced today, and has new customization options, and a new cleaner, more modern look!

It also has an updated sync feature that allows you to add multiple devices on to your Firefox account on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Upgrades include the ability to customize a “swipe-able” history, top sites, bookmarks and the reading list home screen pages and you can also choose one to make your mobile default page.

You would need to go to the Mozilla website and download the new Firefox version which comes is a stub file, and then downloads the rest of the files to install, and or upgrade your existing version.

Check it out! I tend to use several different browsers anyway, with Google Chrome as my default, and Mozilla Firefox as my backup, because I like the way it does RSS feeds. In that sense, I tend to use Mozilla Firefox almost entirely as an RSS reader. I know that’s a little strange, but then many people have pointed out that I’m a little strange!

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