A Web Tool to Create GIFs

Here’s a neat GIF Creator, made available by Imgur.

Create GIFs with Imgur’s new Web tool

c|net – By: Nicole Cozma – “If you a large portion of your Internet time looking at GIFs, then you may have looked for a decent GIF creator to make your own. However, many of the free options only let you upload pictures, don’t allow any trimming or paste their watermark all over the finished product.

As an alternative, Imgur has just unveiled its own GIF creator. This tool is for those who want to capture just the right moments, loop them and then share on Imgur for the masses to see.

The Imgur Video to GIF conversion page makes creating a high-quality GIF really easy. Grab a link for your favorite video, paste it into the text field and then drag the start and finish markers to appropriate spots in your video. GIFs can only be 15 seconds in length, but that should be plenty of time to make something interesting.

After you’re finished making the GIF, you can decide if you want to share directly to Imgur, edit the title and description or grab a deletion link and start over. Want to see the finished product from the above image? Check it out.”

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