On Valentine’s Day, YouTube Turned Ten!

YouTubeWow! It is hard to remember a time before YouTube!

YouTube turns 10 years old

February 14 – NewsFix – “Think back 10 years. Can you remember what life was like before Youtube? The internet media giant turns ten years-old today.

It was Valentine’s Day, 2005 when the founders of the site registered the domain name ‘you tube.” Since then, Google bought the company for more than $1.5 billion, and Youtube has gone on to revolutionize entertainment as we know it.

The site boasts 1 billion unique users who watch more than 6 billion hours of video each month. Every minute more than 100 hours of video is uploaded to the site. The most watched video of all time is the video for ‘Gangnam Style,’ by Korean pop star Psy. It has more than 2 billion views.”

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