Streaming Issues Reported by Some on Windows 10

I saw it once, but it seems better after the last Windows 10 stealth upgrade.

YouTube, Netflix Hit by Video Streaming Issues on Windows 10

Softpedia News Blog – “More and more users are reporting various issues in Windows 10, and now complaints keep coming about a video streaming problem that apparently affects services such as YouTube and Netflix.

Basically, a number of those who upgraded to Windows 10 claim that watching videos doesn’t work as expected, the sound goes ahead of the clip, and sometimes everything turns green all of a sudden.

While this sounds like a graphic driver issue and everyone is recommended to try updating the drivers first, it appears that the problem goes beyond that, and in some cases, additional OS patches are needed.

Edge affected by similar issues

What’s interesting is that, in some cases, Microsoft Edge, the new default browser in Windows 10, cannot stream videos, but everything appears to work fine in other apps, such as Chrome.

Here’s a message posted by a Windows 10 user on the Microsoft Community forums:

‘I have a similar problem – I can’t stream from Netflix on Edge without some serious stutter and freezing. The first time, it caused a BSOD – I hadn’t seen that since Vista. It somehow worked after I updated all my drivers, but now, a day later, it’s back to square one. Sadly, Chrome had no problem playing videos. Please fix this.’

Others claim that video streaming issues happen in all browsers after upgrading to Windows 10, while playing local videos works just fine.

As you can see, there’s no pattern here, so it’s hard to isolate the problem, but there’s no doubt that video streaming isn’t working as expected in Windows 10. Microsoft hasn’t provided any information on this yet, but in case you’re having the same problem, make sure you update the graphic drivers before anything else.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for a word on this and will update the article, should we receive an answer, to let you know how to fix the video streaming issues in Windows 10.”

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