Upgraded to Windows 10? Don’t Use OneDrive!

If you use Microsoft’s Cloud Storage OneDrive, and you run it on Windows 10, you may find that you can no longer save items to your own Documents folder! If you asks you for Administrative permission, you have been “got” by this bad OneDrive bug! Until Microsoft patches this issue… AVOID OneDrive! If, like me, you already have this issue, go to the OneDrive icon in your tray, open OneDrive properties and select the option to disable OneDrive on startup. OK this, and then Right-Click on and close OneDrive. Then, reboot.

Still can’t get in to Documents? You can try this… but it is only for the brave. Right-Click on your Documents folder, and select Security, then wait until you see the HomeUsers Group show up, once you do, click on Advanced in the lower right corner of the screen, and grant the HomeUsers Group Full Access. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! This is only for the brave, and maybe the slightly crazy! It is best to to save elsewhere until Microsoft comes up with a patch.

Arrrrgh! Microsoft is evil!

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