Oracle VirtualBox Now Supports Windows 10 Clients!

VirtualBoxGood news! Oracle Virtualbox, the popular FREE hypervisor for multiple platforms, including Windows, OS/X, Linux, and Solaris, now supports Windows 10 clients (or VMs!) The latest release is Version 5.0.6 and has fixed a lot of bugs, including latency issues, a LOT of work on bridged networking, which I like because I use that a lot!

VirtualBox FREE Hypervisor

Support is now available for Mac OS/X El Capitan including GUI-related fixes, caturing USB devices, and it now allows the colon character on shared folders.

Windows additions include: fixing shutting down VBoxTray when running with older VirtualBox host versions, fixed video playback with VLC and Windows Media Player when the WDDM driver is used and 3D is not used, and, preventing a possible VLC crash when the WDDM driver is used and 3D is enabled by implementing YV12 surfaces.

You pretty much can’t go wrong with the new version! I test installed Windows 10, and it runs great! I even installed ClassicShell (Release 4.2.4,) and the final product is very snappy and useable under Windows 10 (in other words Windows 10 64-Bit running on top of Windows 10 64-Bit!)

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