Chromecast Owned 35% of the Streaming Device Market in 2015!

When I’m right, I’m right! Chromecast is vastly under-rated, and very handy!

Chromecast Owned 35% of the 2015 Set-Top Box Market, Says Report

Streaming Media – By: Troy Dreier – “The compact and inexpensive Google Chromecast dominated the connected living room in 2015, says a report from Strategy Analytics. The Chromecast took 35 percent of the global set-top box and stick market, followed by Apple TV, Roku devices, and Amazon Fire TV. Those four brands control the streaming living room. The Chromecast’s low price makes it an impulse purchase, notes report author David Watkins, who adds that many prefer its mobile-centric approach to content access and control. The company’s Q3 2015 report also found that Chromecast owned 35 percent of the market.

While Chromecast took the largest market share, Apple has shipped the most units. Apple shipped nearly 37 million Apple TVs since the box first launched in 2007. Google has shipped 27 million Chromecasts since it debuted two-and-a-half years ago. Roku has shipped 20 million box and stick devices, while Amazon has shipped under 10 million Fire TVs.

Those four companies are finding plenty of willing buyers, as global demand for living room streaming devices was up 32 percent in 2015. The total amount of streaming devices (including game consoles, connected TVs, and Blu-ray Players) totaled 220 million units in 2015, with 84 million shipped in the last quarter.

The report also looks at the connected TV space, finding that Samsung, LG, and Sony make up 50 percent of the market share. However, TCL and Hisense and gaining fast, and are expanding outside of China.”

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