Streaming is Now More Popular Than Cable TV!

Yep, you read that right!

Streaming is Now More Popular Than Cable TV

Cord Cutters News – By: Luke Bouma – “Today the research firm Hub released a report called ‘Conquering Content’ that looks at the growth of streaming.

According to this report for the very first time, most Americans prefer to stream their favorite show vs watching it on a traditional pay TV provider. In total 52% of Americans say they would rather stream the show vs 48% who said they would rather watch it on cable.

This is a huge jump from 2014 when only 31% said they would prefer to stream it. In 2016 only 40% of Americans would like to stream over a traditional pay-TV service. This rapid growth also lines up with the growth of live TV streaming services such as Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu, and DIRECTV NOW to name a few.

‘These findings suggest that the aggressive investment SVODs are making in original and exclusive content is paying big dividends,’ said Peter Fondulas, co-author of the study and principal at Hub. ‘In this research and other recent studies, we see clear evidence that high-profile online exclusives generate buzz that draws consumers to these platform, which not only helps attract brand new subscribers, but also builds loyalty among current customers.’

Hub conducted their research in October 2017 with over 2,000 US consumers.”

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