A Republican Net Neutrality Bill?

Don't Tread On Me!Who’d a thunk it?

Report: GOP Working on a Bill to Save Net Neutrality

Cord Cutters News – By: Luke Bouma “Last week the FCC announced that they will move the internet from a Title II to a Title I service. This effectively ended what many called Net Neutrality. Now it is being reported that House Republicans are working on a bill that would prevent blocking and throttling of net content.

According to a report from Multi Channel News, the bill, which would amend the Communications Act, would bring back many of the parts of Net Neutrality by directly the FCC to enforce rules agents blocking and throttling. Yet the FCC would get no new additional powers over the internet other than to regulate attempts to block or throttle content.

Details are still thin and we will have to wait to see what the final bill says but for many who wanted to protect their access to content this is a step in that direction.

If you want to help get this bill passed we recommend you call your representative in Congress. Let your voice be heard as there has already been talk of a bill in Congress to make net neutrality a law not just a legal rule from the FCC. Posting online is great but will unlikely be seen by the people who matter. Next, I suggest you send a physical letter again a polite letter but a physical one net an email. Emails are easy but also easily ignored.”

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