Geek Project: How to Derive the Actual RSS Feed from iTunes

To find an iTunes core RSS feed URL for a podcast in iTunes, go into iTunes and locate the iTunes screen for the podcast, for instance, if you search in iTunes podcasts for: “Dr. Bill.TV” you will see my podcast screen, then click on the “down arrow” to the right of the “Subscribe” button, and select “Copy link“, this will copy the iTunes URL to your clipboard.

As shown below:

iTunes URL

You can then use this link:{podcast_id_number}&entity=podcast

Where “{podcast_id_number}” is the number in the URL for the iTunes entry, as in this example:

The “{podcast_id_number}” is the number after “id” in the URL and before the “?“, as in this example: 212215323

So, you would enter:
in your browser. You will get a downloded file called “1.txt“, it is a json code file, in it you will see, among the code:


The actual RSS feed URL for the podcast is:

You can now use the actual RSS feed URL in any “podcatcher” software, like “BeyondPod”, available here:

or, in “Podcast Republic”, available here:

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