New IPTV Service “Philo”


Philo IPTV Service Web Site Info:

Philo is a new IPTV Service that offers over 40 channels of Live TV (starting at $16.00 a month.)

  • “Seven day free trial
  • Cancel or restart any time
  • Watch now with just your mobile number
  • (After 48 hours, enter your billing info to unlock another 5 days of free access.)

What’s Included


  • Watch anywhere on Roku, iOS, Android Chrome, and Web.
  • Watch whenever
  • Watch shows live or binge later. Save every episode of your favorite shows for 30 days.
  • Three screens at once
  • Stream in HD on up to 3 devices at once.

To start watching, you’ll need: A mobile phone number (to identify you), a broadband internet connection, and a supported device.

Philo is currently available on: Mac and PC on a web browser, Apple iPhone and iPad (running iOS 9 or newer), Android phones and tablets (running Chrome 54+ and Android 7.0+ newer), and Roku (more devices coming soon).

How does the free trial work?
Enter your phone number to sign in and get start your trial. We’ll check back later to get your billing information, to unlock your full 7 days of free access. After your trial, your subscription begins. You can cancel at any time, and your card will never be charged if you cancel before the end of your free trial.

How much does Philo cost?
Our basic set of channels is $16 per month, as a subscription, with more channels available for an additional $4 each month. There is no other cost or contract.

When can I cancel?
After your free trial, you can cancel or restart your subscription yourself, any time, as many times as you wish, via our account page.

Can I record live TV or future shows to watch later?
Yes, you can save your favorite shows to watch up to 30 days later.

Can I watch on multiple devices at the same time?
Yes, you can watch different shows or channels (or the same show or channel) on up to 3 devices at the same time.

About Philo:

Tired of strange things in online television? Everything feel like a mishmash of chopped up services and bad things that break? Philo is building a better platform for TV on the Internet, right here in Silicon Valley. We are creating the next generation of TV, connecting friends with a big bang of technology.


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