Amazon’s Prime Day Had Issues This Year

Amazon Prime DayAmazon Prime Day on Monday came off okay, but with issues. Apparently, there were points when people couldn’t access the site, and were getting 404 errors! Several people posted the images of their 404 page with the dog looking cute, but embarrassed. And C|NET posted an article saying they got off to a “ruff start!” Cute!

“Prime Day sales in the U.S. so far are bigger than ever – in fact, in the first 10 hours Prime Day grew even faster, year-over-year, than the first 10 hours last year,” the company said early Tuesday in an emailed statement.

Either way, I suspect, overall it was a success for the company. I did notice that a lot of other companies online were getting into the act by having their own sales at the same time as Amazon Prime Day. It’s like having a Black Friday in the middle of July for no other reason than Amazon was doing Prime Day!

At this point, the Internet will start having its own holidays based around sales that giant vendors like Amazon are having!

Most of the Amazon products that were on sale were interesting, and good prices, but nothing grabbed my attention, mainly because I already have most of the products that were on sale that I would of been interested in.

For instance, the Amazon Dot was on sale, and it was a good sale… but already have my quota of those devices!

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