The Roku Channel has Finally Been Updated!

RokuWell, on a happier note, Roku has finally gotten around to approving the new code that I wrote for our Dr. Bill Bailey.NET NETcasts Roku channel! It took them long enough, but they finally put in production!

I thought I would do an overview in the show this week on the Roku channel and its features. So, stay tuned for that! The Dr. Bill Bailey.NET NETcasts Roku channel is your source for all the video shows that I do, as well as the audio programs that I do. It covers my interests in a lot of areas.

If you have a Roku device, and are looking for a source for my content, then go to the Roku channel store and do a search, and you can locate the Dr. Bill Bailey.NET NETcasts Roku channel! Be sure to subscribe, and if you would, give the channel five stars! This will help raise the level of interest in the Roku channel store for the Dr. Bill Bailey.NET NETcasts Roku channel, and help spread the silliness of the Dr. Bill show to the world!

Here’s a direct link to help you subscribe to our channel! Dr. Bill Bailey.NET NETcasts

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