Frustrating Voicemail Scam

Warning - Scam Alert!I just posted this on Facebook:

“As most of you know, I run a tech show on YouTube called Dr. Bill.TV | The Computer Curmudgeon. I’m going to be talking about this on my show, but I wanted to put this on Facebook as well because it is SO frustrating! I have been hit twice today with a new phone scam that I have just been made aware of. Perhaps you’ve already had this happen, and if you haven’t it probably will soon! It begins on your cell phone with a voicemail message. The key here is that the phone NEVER rings. You are just notified that you have a voicemail waiting. When you listen to the voicemail you are told some story, the two I heard today were both different; and you are asked to call a telephone number, at which point they probably scam you to no end! I, of course, did not call the numbers that I was given and told to call. The correct response is simply to delete the phonemail, and go on about your business.

What is so frustrating here is that no call blocking software blocks this yet. I have several on my phone and neither stopped it. I understand that there is legislation being considered to stop this practice.

This is a case of tech development gone bad. They are developing nuisance tech to try to reach us with their scams, and this one is particularly insidious! More to come on my show about tech gone bad this weekend!”

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