Is Google “Shaping” What is Considered “Fair?”

Uneven ScalesInsider Blows Whistle and Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump Situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam

This video is on BitChute, because it can’t be on Google’s service, YouTube, obviously. The idea is, Google, inside the walls of their offices, call something “fair” ONLY if it matches their OWN political opinion. Whether you support President Trump or not, you should find this VERY disturbing. Next time it may be YOUR candidate, or cause, that is not “fair” according to those in powers’ opinion.

This organization is a very “right” leaning organization called “Project Veritas,” which stands for “Project Truth.” They use hidden camera videos to expose the “internals” of many organizations, like Planned Parenthood. Now, they are exposing Google and it’s alleged left-leaning political agenda.

Again, you may be “left leaning” yourself, and believe this is all great! But, the shoe can always end up on the other foot! This is why we must be FREE to express all opinions. Freedom of speech is just that, freedom! Then, you make up your OWN mind about what is correct, and truthful.

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