Pluto TV Rolls Out a New Guide

Free TV services are great! Pluto TV is probably the best right now!

Pluto TV is Rolling Out an Updated Guide

Cord Cutters News – By: Luke Boama – “Today Pluto TV rolled out an updated guide to Vizio SmartCast TVs that included some new features including an improved guide.

Now instead of having to scroll through over 200 stations to find what you want, Pluto TV has added categories to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. With these categories, you will now be able to select News, Entertainment, Binge Watch, Life+Style and more to jump directly to the content you want to watch. Pluto TV also updated the on-demand section to make finding movies and TV shows easier.

No word on if or when this new and improved guide will be coming to other devices.

This all comes as Pluto TV recently hit 240 free channels. You can choose from available channels like Pluto TV 007, MTV Pluto TV, Buzzr, CNN, CBSN, Sky News, Court TV, Cake Boss, Comedy Central Pluto TV, and more. The ability to sort the channels by categories will make finding what you want much easier compared to having to scroll through the list of over 200 channels.

Recently, we also learned Pluto TV users are spending more time on the platform than ever before according to ViacomCBS’s CEO and President Bob Bakish. Accord to statements at the UBS Global TMT Conference, Pluto TV is seeing current viewer’s time spent on the app grow far faster than the number of new users. An update like this could make it even easier to spend more time watching Pluto TV.”

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