I Found the Fix for My Problem in OBS!

OBS FixI mentioned on the show that I couldn’t get my Camlink to work. That is a waaay oversimplification. It DID work, it is just that the video looked TERRIBLE It looked like the issue was due to really bad interlacing. I looked at the OBS deinterlacing settings, and it set to disable. I assume that this is the default. So, I played around with it, and viola’! I found a setting that works perfectly FOR ME! I emphasis FOR ME, because your mileage, as they say, may vary! Experiment! Find YOUR sweet spot! But, hey, now it works great! My “sweet spot” was “Yadif 2X.” Dewd! I love it when things just work!

To set this, go into OBS, under “Sources” locate your video device, select “Deinterlacing” from the menu, and set it as shown in the image at the left of this text.

Then, drop me an email and let me know if this tip helped you with your OBS usage!

We geeks need to stick together!

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