StarLink Internet Update!

StarLink Satellite CloudElon Musk’s StarLink “Internet Provider from Space” program is rolling out big time! So far, there are 538 operational satellites in the sky ready to provide Internet connectivity from orbit! Low orbit, to speed up latency, but orbit, nonetheless! 238 of those satellite went up last week, with 60 more to be added next week!

Regulatory information that was filed by StarLink on its system indicates that the servie will provide 100 meg down and 40 meg up Internet service to it’s customers, with and expected latency of less than 30 ms. However, it will not be for “dense” population areas, like cities. This is intended to provide service to people that are out in the “boonies,” away from “standard” Internet service options.

But, I am excited about the potential! They have even put up a “sign-up” page to start taking names and addresses to be “early adopters!” If you live in the aforementioned “boonies,” I’d say, go for it!

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