Follow-up to My Rant on YouTube

This just happened to me today, I posted this on Facebook:

Here’s one for you. I was JUST watching a video from NewsMax, that was running on YouTube. As I watched, the speaker on the video made the statement that there was plenty of evidence that proves that the election was stolen. The video immediately cut off, and disappeared! I could not go back and see it, it was just gone. Real time censorship by Google/YouTube because I was watching the claim that there was evidence of fraud. It gives you a very “hair on the back of your neck rising” feeling.

Do we live in a communist/socialist dictatorship?

Then I saw this article on The Verge: YouTube will now remove videos disputing Joe Biden’s election victory

Whatever you believe about the election, I don’t care. It SHOULD worry you that our freedoms to speak are being curtailed!

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