Setting Up Locast2Plex As a Windows Service!

Setting up Locast2Plex as a Windows Service

These instructions use a different utility to set up the Service. Unlike the “HowToGeek” article, it uses one called “NSSM” available at this link: NSSM – the Non-Sucking Service Manager rather than SrvStart. Microsoft also has instructions to deal with services here: Create a user-defined service

The advantage to NSSM is that it does provide a way to more gracefully handle failure of the application running as a service. Here is a link to that program. And, here’s more detailed instructions on it’s use here:

Because I am not in a supported DMA, I could not (yet) test this with Locast2plex, as I would need access to having Locast use specific local ports (6077 and 1900) which must “connect” to my PC’s IP address. Hopefully if Locast ever supports the Greensboro / Winston-Salem / High Point DMA, I will be able to set this up.

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