Using an Older Camcorder to Record to an Atomos Ninja for High Resolution Video

This British gentlemen shows you how to use the Atomos Ninja to record higher resolution video even with an older camcorder, which in this case is a Sony HVRV1U. This professional, broadcast quality, 3 CCD camcorder once ran for thousands of dollars, and can now be obtained for around $350.00 on eBay. Likewise, you can get decent deals on the Atomos Ninja in the $450.00 range. So, for under $1000 you can shoot high quality video, suitable even for broadcast! I have access to both, and have used this combo to shoot remote video. Check out his demo:

Our church uses the Sony HVRV1U’s to shoot service video, or at least we will again, once we are back in a permanent building. Right now, we are meeting in another church building and “running mobile” with a Mevo Start camera.

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