DrBill.TV Special – Video – Two Ways to Conquer Condo Cord Cutting!

Dr. Bill shows us a ‘how to’ on cord cutting for someone living in a condominium that wants to watch OTA (‘Over the Air’) TV! He shows us two methods, one totally INSIDE the condo, and one actually OUTSIDE the condo! (Sep 15, 2021)

Also, what parts he used to do it (below!)

Amazon Links:

Tablo Quad Over-The-Air [OTA] Digital Video Recorder [DVR] for Cord Cutters – with WiFi, Live TV Streaming, & Automatic Commercial Skip, Black

GE Digital 2-Way Coaxial Cable Splitter (for the “internal” antennas used with the Tablo.)

Febsmart Wireless PCI Card

LTE Filter for TV Antenna Improves Digital Antenna Amplifier – 4G Filter for Clear TV Channels, Reduces Interference from Cell Towers

Ancable Window/Door Feed Through Coaxial Cable

HAUPPAUGE WinTV-quadHD PCI Express TV Tuner Card 1609

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