SpamPoison: Weird, but Interesting!

OK, so spammers have “bots” that scan web sites for e-mail addresses and add them to their lists that they then sell to other spammers for high fees and them use these lists to send out tons of spam! “What if,” someone said, “What if… we provide the bots a link that will generate tons of useless e-mail addresses (on their OWN spamming domains) that will ‘pollute’ their lists, making them huge, unmanagable, and unusable?” Well, that is the idea behind “SpamPoison”… you set it up as a link on your web site, or blog, and enjoy the fact that spammers will be harvesting bogus addresses and causing them trouble. It does have a certain poetic symmetry doesn’t it?


Ranked Number 12! (At this moment!)

On PodcastAlley, at this very moment in time, the “Dr. Bill: The Computer Curmudgeon” podcast is rated number 12 in the “Technology” area! Dewd! (I know that it is early in the month, and I know that it may be a bit of a fluke, but I am going to enjoy it while I can!)

Go to this link, search for “Dr. Bill” and vote for me! (Please! I need the ego stroking!)


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Geek Software of the Week – OpenSong

This is very specialized software, but it is slick! You may have noticed that churches today like to show song lyrics and Bible verses up on a projected screen (or screens.) The software to do this is very specialized and can be quite expensive. Often, if you want multiple Bible translations, you have to buy separate, special modules to do it. Why can’t somebody write a FREE Open Source version?! Well, they did!

OpenSong Software

You can download FREE modules for these translations: The Amplified Bible, Contemporary English Version, English Standard Version, King James Version, La Biblia de Las Americas, The Message, New American Standard Bible, New International Version, New King James Version, New Living Translation, Nuevo Version Internacional, Portuguese from IBS, Svenska Levande Bibeln.

It also supports one or two screens, and has a built-in “shorthand” coding system that allows you to define the behavior of the “slide show,” as well as add and change fonts, backgrounds, etc. Very cool! Check it out!

A New “Dr. Bill” Podcast with Adam Wenner! #8

The new “Dr. Bill” Podcast is out… I am a little disappointed with the “echo effect” caused by the Gizmo Project recording option, but the interview with Adam went well! Check it out!

Dr. Bill Podcast – 8 – (10/29/05)
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The ACTUAL Interview with Adam Wenner (over Gizmo), UNC-Charlotte Campus Network, Norton vs. AVG Anti-Virus, BitTorrent, George Takai “comes out,” Techpodcast Network, Hydrogen Experiments, Alternative Fuels/Flex Fuels, VMware Player, ReactOS, WINE version 0.9 released, Smaller OS footprints, Word 2002 in new MS-Works, Mass. and Open Doc Standards, OpenOffice Memory Bloat, 1 Terabyte per second transfer rate, the U.S. vs. the World in Internet & Cell Access, Dialup should Die!, Rural Internet Options, ISDN and Audio, VOIP Quality, Gizmo vs. Skype, Linux Desktops, Linux & Wireless Drivers, Other Wireless Issues.

Geek Software of the Week – NetBootDisk!

OK, so this week’s Geek Software of the Week may be for hard core geeks and techies… but it is cool. If you have to update a lot of different kinds of systems and need network connectivity to do so, here’s a tool for your “tech tool belt!” Imagine a regular floppy that you can insert in nearly any halfway decent PC and boot, have it detect your network card, and allow you to access network shares via a TCP/IP connection (like say, to get to Ghost, if you need to “Ghost” images over a network!) OK, now imagine it is FREE!

NetBootDisk is FREE!

Download and enjoy! And, if you have a tool like Nero, you can even transfer it to a CD-ROM and have a universally bootable CD-ROM with TCP/IP network connectivity. Very handy!

Too Good! What Windows is REALLY Worth!

OK, so I was minding my own business, scanning on for what was happenin’ in the Cyberworld, and I ran across a note that someone was selling Windows on eBay for a penny! It was Windows 95 on CD-ROM (Upgrade Installation Disk,) and sure enough, it was selling for a starting bid of one penny! However, what was just too cool… was that there were ZERO bids!

OK, OK, I know it IS just Windows 95, and an Upgrade Version at that… but it was SO worth a snicker!

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