Microsoft Windows Anti-Spyware Update Is Out

I’ll admit, I’ve been on an “Anti-Microsoft” binge of late… sigh! However, I bring out good things when they do them as well. Given that the success of Windows, and it’s lack of security overall has made Spyware so big a problem… it is only fair that they (M$) would release a new, improved version of their Anti-Spyware beta release. Here’s some info on that release:

Microsoft “Defender”

Be sure to read the comments about it as well. Interesting! This release also removes the very EVIL Sony DRM Rootkit. Nice touch!

Xbox 360 – Typically Microsoft!

Why do I say, “typically?” Well, when it works, it is pretty nice… nice interface, pretty images… but as with everything else M$, it isn’t rock-solid dependable! You’ve heard of the “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) on Windows systems… here are screen shots of the equivalent on the new, much hyped, Xbox 360:

Xbox 360 crash screens

After all the lead-up to the Xbox 360 release, one would think that they would have tried to make it less prone to crashing! Oh, yes! It is not a bug, it is a feature!

Flawed Study Again Shows Microsoft is Willing to Lie to Dis Linux!

As the author says, “Another day, another lame attempt by Microsoft to show that Windows is better than Linux.” Of course we know, it is not! However, that doesn’t stop M$ from pulling out the stops to lie about it!

Opinion: New Linux study suggests fundamental Microsoft credibility problems

Read this article carefully. Bottom line: If M$ is willing to skew the data this much, what does it say about their belief in their own product?!? There is a reason that Netcraft says (as of today) that Linux has 70.98% of the Web server market. That is out of 74,572,794 sites that reported. Dewd! The numbers tell the story. Webmasters know who to trust. After all, you want your Web server up at ALL times!

By the way, I am (of course) running CentOS Linux on all my web servers at Dr. Bill Bailey.NET. Word.

Sex and the FBI: Will it Get You to Open an Attachment?

A better question? Are you an idiot? No? Prove it! Don’t open an attachment that claims to be a Paris Hilton video, or link/download tool to receive it! Also, if the “FBI” sends you an e-mail that says that they have evidence that you have been visiting “naughty sites”, well… do you REALLY think they would TELL you?!?

Sex, Lies and the FBI

So… I ask again, are YOU an idiot? I hope not. Bottom line, don’t EVER click ANY e-mail attachment!

Open Source ISN’T Communism!

Bill Gates and his evil minions would like you to believe that Open Source software like Linux, Firefox, and OpenOffice are all EVIL because they are open and free. Riiiight! And he (and they) wouldn’t have any reason to “paint” Open Source as a “commie-plot” now would they… no, surely not!

Open Source Isn’t Communism

In point of fact, I am a HUGE Open Source supporter, and I am also anti-commie, serious right wing Christian extremist. (Yes, I say “extremist,” because as a Christian, I am EXTREMELY blessed!) So… I could never support anything that was commie in nature. However, if there are folks that love to code and develop software and share it to the world for free… then, dewd, I am there! So, why support Uncle Bill Gates and company when you can use free and Open Source software? Good question!

Will the Senate Make Spyware Illegal?

Spyware illegal?! NOW we’re talkin’!

Senate Considers Spyware Bill

I hope that they actually get this passed! After all, installing something on my PC is like violating my property rights. Hummmmm… but then, the Supreme Court recently shot our property rights in the foot, didn’t they? Sigh. We can only hope that they will protect us in “cyberspace” better than in “real space!”

Methuselah-like Lifespan Coming?

Methuselah lived to be 969 years old. He is the oldest recorded man ever to have lived. (I am assuming here, that like me, you simply believe the Bible is true.) Now, science is near to restoring us to nearly that long a lifespan, potentially. The Bible says that the normal lifespan of man is 120 years. Today, it is VERY reasonable to have people live to 100 without that much fanfare. I heard a statistic that there are over 60,000 people over 100 alive today, just in the United States. Check out this article:

Old Age Gene Manipulation

So, if you take the “6 times longer” figure mentioned in this article and multiply that out for the Bible’s 120 years of lifespan standard, you have 720 years! If you go with just the “lower end” 100 year range, that would be 600! So, suddenly Methuselah sounds somewhat “more normal!” Whoa! (By the way, I am NOT recommending, or endorsing, gene manipulation! That would be BAD for a natural health guy, huh?)

No… Linux REALLY IS more Secure than Windows!

There has been a lot of talk recently that “it is Linux’s turn” to start getting more attacks and worms now that it is “becoming more accepted.” Well, this article is an excellent refresher on why that is NOT a reasonable speculation!

Linux, Secure As You Want

In that regard, Linux has LONG been the most used Internet server, with more “market share” than Microsoft. No, it isn’t just popularity that drives security vulnerabilities; it is that Windows is weaker by design… or lack thereof!

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