Frist, Stem Cells, and the Polls

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist changed his mind today and said that stem cell research SHOULD be allowed by the government. This is a move to put him in, what he thinks, will be a good position to run for President after President Bush’s current term is over. Here is a direct quote from his statement to the Senate:

“As we know, adult stem cell research is not controversial on ethical grounds — while embryonic stem cell research is. Right now, to derive embryonic stem cells, an embryo — which many, including myself, consider nascent human life — must be destroyed. But I also strongly believe — as do countless other scientists, clinicians, and doctors — that embryonic stem cells uniquely hold specific promise for some therapies and potential cures that adult stem cells cannot provide.” (emphasis mine)

So, OK, you believe that you are destroying human life when you kill an embryo to use stem cells for possible therapy… yet, you say that you want the govenment to fund and allow this? Sorry, but as a Christian, first, and a Certified Natural Health Professional, second, I object to your rationale. Abortion is murder. God says murder is wrong. Duh. Whether you are killing babies that are safe in their mother’s womb (a horrible notion for any thinking individual that isn’t motivated by insane liberal political thinking) or, whether you are creating a life in a test tube, and then killing it for “so-called” therapy, it is still killing. I can think of no circumstance where killing an unborn child is excuseable.

I think that even though the polls may indicate that a majority of Americans favor stem cell research, this will still come back to “bite” Frist among those of us that are strong Conservative Christians. Sorry, Senator, we don’t change our core beliefs just because the polls rise or fall. Some of us simply look at what the Bible says and say, “That settles it.” Hide and watch. As a “Conservative” candidate… Frist is done.

Are We Closer to “Data” on Star Trek?

Those of us that are serious Trekkers (“trekkies” as you may know, is a derogatory term) know Commander Data on Star Trek: TNG was the android that was so determined to be “human.” Well, while I still don’t have a household robot that will clean my house (and “Roomba” doesn’t count), the Japanese have premiered a “human-like” android:

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Japanese develop ‘female’ android

OK, this is cool… but I still want a robot that will clean the house… and it can look like a toaster for all I care. Now THAT would be cool!

SCO: Fish or Cut Bait

Well, now it seems that not only was SCO lying about their claim that Linux developers had stolen code from them…

SCO: Fish or Cut Bait

… it also now seems that they knew it wasn’t true all along… and that they were (shock) doing it to make it harder for a competitor (Red Hat) to compete.

In short, they were failing in their business and wanted to try to make money by trashing everyone else. Nice guys. (Not!)

James “Scotty” Doohan Dies at 85

I watched Star Trek on my old black & white TV when it first came on… and a real treat was getting to walk several miles to a friend’s house and watch it on his COLOR TV! Like all the other Star Trek:TOS (The Original Series) characters, I grew up with them, and thoroughly enjoyed watching the episodes over and over!

Now, Scotty won’t be saying, “She canna take anymore, Cap’n!” again… but I will treasure his memory. I got to meet James Doohan several times as a “true blue” Star Trek fan… he even did a small cameo appearance in a “joke video” we did for our R&D Computer Group when I worked at Ciba-Geigy Corporation. We likened the Enterprise under stress to the network under stress, and had Mr. Doohan say, “I canna give ya any more CPU, Cap’n!” at one point during the production… it brought down “the house!” We’ll miss ye, Scotty!

James Doohan Dies at 85

Broadband over Power Line: Ready for Prime Time?

Now here’s an idea that may, indeed, be revolutionary! Imagine where ever you had a power outlet in your home, you could plug in to high speed Internet?

Broadband over Power Line: Ready for Prime Time?

The implications are amazing! There are still places that can’t get cable, or are too far away from the DSL phone company’s CO. That means that some folks still HAVE to use dialup… not that they haven’t switched over due to cluelessness! But, most of these places DO have electricity, and therefore (depending on other limitations,) they might be able to use this technology. Very cool!

I Get Interesting Computer Questions

As a recognized “uber-geek,” I get asked questions about what anti-virus to use (“AVG” or “Avast!,” both free,) what to do about attachments (don’t EVER click on them!), etc. But occasionally, I get a really unique question. Today I was asked, “Do you know anything that will block all gambling sites?” Well, I had never looked into that… I must admit. Gambling has never been an issue with me. I understand that no one really “wins” at gambling. And, somehow throwing away my money has no enticement for me! But, for those that have the addiction (and it is an addiction every bit as bad as drugs, cigarettes, etc.) here is a possible software “solution”:


Warning… it is designed to be “un-removable” once installed, so that the user can’t say, “Well, I REALLY want to gamble!,” and then remove it in order to do so. But anyway, if you need it, check it out!

GROKLAW Publishes Secret Memo!

How’s that for a jazzy title for this entry?! I have long been amazed at the kahunas that SCO has shown by alleging that there is “proprietary code” in Linux. Riiiiiight! Uh, huh. I got a bridge I’ll sell ya, too. Now, it appears that one of the guys SCO hired to investigate whether this allegation was true, told them that “At the end, we had found absolutely *nothing*. ie no evidence of any copyright infringement whatsoever.”


So, SCO will apologize to the Open Source community and slink off into the sunset now, right? Don’t hold your breath.

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