OpenOffice 2.0 is HERE!

It is finally official! OpenOffice 2.0 is out, and it rocks! In case you have been living under a rock somewhere, OpenOffice is a really great, and totally FREE Open Source Office Suite that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux! This release has many things to recommend it, especially the addition of it’s own database (similar to Access.) As before, it will read and write all Microsoft Office formats. You owe it to yourself to download and use this new editon! Here is the link:

OpenOffice 2.0

This will also be our official Geek Software of the Week recommendation!

The Web Page Fads of “Yesteryear”

OK… it was only a few years ago, but these “fads” on the web are just SO yesterday! Please, if you are still a webmaster, DON’T use these things… they are are just SO gauche!

Web Fads that are OUT!

Check them out… here’s a sample:

Portals, “Splash” and “Intro” Pages, “Communities”, Page Counters, Homepages, MIDI or WAV files and animated GIFs, Guestbooks and “E-Postcards”, WAP content, and oh yeah… “Awards” for your site. Dewd. Get wit’ the program!

Podcasts as a Way of Life?

I recently switched jobs. I was Webmaster for Guilford County, now I am back at the Center for Creative Leadership. While at the County, I got very used to coming in to my office, and doing my web updates while listening to various tech oriented podcasts. I had it down to where I was getting to hear one or two a day, and it allowed me to stay “up” on what is going on in the tech world while working on other things, because it could play in the background and let it be “background noise.”

When I came back to the Center, the first few days, I didn’t have my own PC, or even a “real” place to sit. But, it wasn’t too long before I found a way to do my job while listening to podcasts again. Boy! It was like being away from an old friend not to have my podcasts! Now, I am feeling better, more comfortable, and getting back “up to speed” on the fast breaking tech world! It is interesting how certain things help you feel “at ease” and “at home.” So… as I type this, I have a podcast running in the background. Sigh! Very nice!

New PodProducer Web Site

As you know, I am a HUGE Open Source fan! And I support Open Source efforts! The latest move in that regard is my hosting the site of Alfredo Romo, creator of the excellent Open Source software for recording podcasts called “PodProducer!” The new domain name is:

It is great to be able to do something concrete to support such excellent Open Source efforts! Way to go, Alfredo!

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