Broadband over Power Line: Ready for Prime Time?

Now here’s an idea that may, indeed, be revolutionary! Imagine where ever you had a power outlet in your home, you could plug in to high speed Internet?

Broadband over Power Line: Ready for Prime Time?

The implications are amazing! There are still places that can’t get cable, or are too far away from the DSL phone company’s CO. That means that some folks still HAVE to use dialup… not that they haven’t switched over due to cluelessness! But, most of these places DO have electricity, and therefore (depending on other limitations,) they might be able to use this technology. Very cool!

I Get Interesting Computer Questions

As a recognized “uber-geek,” I get asked questions about what anti-virus to use (“AVG” or “Avast!,” both free,) what to do about attachments (don’t EVER click on them!), etc. But occasionally, I get a really unique question. Today I was asked, “Do you know anything that will block all gambling sites?” Well, I had never looked into that… I must admit. Gambling has never been an issue with me. I understand that no one really “wins” at gambling. And, somehow throwing away my money has no enticement for me! But, for those that have the addiction (and it is an addiction every bit as bad as drugs, cigarettes, etc.) here is a possible software “solution”:


Warning… it is designed to be “un-removable” once installed, so that the user can’t say, “Well, I REALLY want to gamble!,” and then remove it in order to do so. But anyway, if you need it, check it out!

GROKLAW Publishes Secret Memo!

How’s that for a jazzy title for this entry?! I have long been amazed at the kahunas that SCO has shown by alleging that there is “proprietary code” in Linux. Riiiiiight! Uh, huh. I got a bridge I’ll sell ya, too. Now, it appears that one of the guys SCO hired to investigate whether this allegation was true, told them that “At the end, we had found absolutely *nothing*. ie no evidence of any copyright infringement whatsoever.”


So, SCO will apologize to the Open Source community and slink off into the sunset now, right? Don’t hold your breath.

Study Shows Users’ Confusion About Blogs

OK, so some people don’t get it. That’s news? To whom?

Study Shows Users’ Confusion About Blogs

I can understand “not getting” RSS or XML, those are technical aspects to blogging that people don’t really need to understand to read a blog, or even to be a blogger. But, the overall idea of blogging seems simple enough: a blogger has a huge ego and ACTUALLY believes people will read and enjoy his, or her, thoughts. That is blogging. And, amazingly, sometimes people do… and that, now that… is strange!

Microsoft Downgrades Claria Adware Detections

And, here’s what you get when the Evil Empire (which is, of course, evil) buys a Spyware/Adware company…

Microsoft Downgrades Claria Adware Detections

They move the “findings” of their Anti-Adware program “downward” in level. Would “their own” Adware/Spyware hurt you? Why no, of course not! This is what happens when a company that sanctions Adware makes an “Anti-Adware” tool.

I’ll stick with Ad-Aware from Lavasoft and Spybot Search and Destroy from Kolla… no thanks, M$!

Windows 2000 Update Rollup Released

BetaNews | Windows 2000 Update Rollup Released

So, on July 1, 2005 Windows 2000 passes into Microsoft oblivion (as far as “mainstream support.”) They will still do security patch releases for five more years. Nice of them, since Windows is the most un-secure operating system on the planet! Bill Gates has said that security is the new commitment at M$… but nobody told the OS designers! Yeeesh… and why does it have to always be “buffer overflow” errors? But I digress… the bottom line is that yet another interation of Windows is “passing away.” Yet, I know several VERY large oganizations that are still running Windows 2000 as their primary client OS! And, sadly, there are still SOME organizations (you know who you are) that actually have Windows 9x in production environments! Shame, shame! Anyone that seriously cares about their enterprise and it’s security should at the VERY least be using the latest version of Windows with all patches and Service Packs in place! Come on, gang!

And, if you are REALLY serious about security, do yourself a favor and at least have some of your IS folks looking into the viability of Linux-based desktops. At least for those employees that only read e-mail, send documents, and surf the net (in other words, 95% of your workforce!) Might I suggest looking at Linspire? You can find it HERE!

Upgrades and such…

Well, last night I held my breath and did an upgrade on our main web/mail/everything else server. It was running CentOS 3.3 and I upgraded to CentOS 4.1. This server started life as a Red Hat Linux 9.0 server. Then, I upgraded it to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 (which Red Hat did not recommend, by the way… but a helpful support guy talked me through it.) Then, when my support contract expired with Red Hat on that server, I moved to CentOS. So, last night wasn’t as bad as it had been in the past (as upgrades go), but (a BIG BUT!) after the upgrade, SquirrelMail didn’t work! Doom! I have to have SquirrelMail! Basically, any IMAP service was gone! Turns out that Red Hat has moved to Cyrus IMAP from Courier IMAP. Cyrus IMAP is not straightforward to configure. (OK, all you Cyrus IMAP geeks… I know you will say, “Of course it is!” So, give me a break!) I finally un-installed all Cyrus IMAP packages from the system, and went with Dovecot IMAP. Budda-bing! SquirrelMail is back! Life is good! My wife, Belinda says, “Why do upgrades? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” Well… it is a geek thing. I gotta be “caught up” on my servers. It just is the way it is. Not to mention more secure. So, live a little, go for the “edge”… do a server upgrade. Dewd.

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