A BIG, NEW Feature for DirCaster!

Henry L. Ratliff, PHP programmer extraordinaire, has done it again for those of us in the DirCaster community! He has added a feature that I am making great use of for the new Netcast on Dr. Bill.TV! It is a feature that allows the user of DirCaster to “override” the ID3 tag information in the actual MP3 or MP4 (or any other supported file type) in the feed. This allowed me, for instance, to have the feed information be correct for my video files for my Dr. Bill.TV feed even though I have yet to “settle on” a good ID3 tag writer for all the file types I need. This is awesome! So, be sure to check out the new version at:

The Dircaster Project

Update to the DirCaster Project Already!

Thanks to Henry L. Ratliff, a listener to our podcast, we now have a fixed DirCaster release with new features! Here’s the ChangeLog:

ChangeLog for Version 0.7a
2006-12-25 H. L. Ratliff
. Fixed several PHP Notice errors issued when error level set to ALL
. Patched occasion where single digit day in pubdate sometimes
displayed for example ‘ 1’ instead of ‘ 01’. new function fixDat()
. Substituted RSS title tag value with file name when id3 title value
is empty. stripType() drops the file extension
. Corrected raw ‘&’ in RSS title tag (use ‘&’ instead)
. Fixed variable name error which caused, the logic to produce only
a set number of feeds, not to work. Controlled by $maxFeeds.

The DirCaster Project

Thanks so much to Henry for helping get the bugs fixed, and the new features I talked about wanting on the last podcast included. He rocks! Oh, by the way, DirCaster generated RSS feeds now pass the FeedValidator.org RSS feed tester for iTunes and RSS feeds PERFECTLY!

The DirCaster Project

The DirCaster ProjectIt is with a “gulp!” that I take on the maintenance of the DirCaster Project. I have long benefited from other Open Source projects, but I have never tried to maintain one. I hope I am up to it! The “DirCaster Software” is what I use to create the RSS feed auto-magically for the “Dr. Bill” Podcast. It really rocks! I have updated it to use the iTunes feed info and tags correctly. It passes the feed test for RSS feeds with iTunes data. If you are interested in helping, check out the site I created for it, and welcome aboard!

DirCaster: An Open Source Project

“DirCaster is a PHP script that allows one to very easily start Podcasting MP3 files from their web host. This allows original content creators to easily provide a feed for the Juice Podcast Receiver, jPodder, and other “podcatching” software. Simply drop the dircaster.php script (and accompanying files) into a directory on the web server and it will generate a valid RSS feed suitable for Juice Podcast Receiver, etc., based off the MP3 files (with appropriate ID3 tag information) in that directory. To broadcast a new MP3 file, simply upload it to the same directory that contains the DirCaster script and files.”

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