Yahoo Gives Up Search Engine “Chase!”

Yahoo, Google… Google, Yahoo. Who is better at actual search engine dominance? Well, Yahoo has decided not to “play” anymore for the “honor” of top search site. Rather, they are re-directing thier efforts in other areas. How will this play out?

Yahoo Cedes Search to Google

We will have to see what this means in the long run… as Google is “diversifying” as well. But, I find it interesting that Yahoo is coming out and saying this!

Do Windows Apps Run Faster on Wine?

WINE is a recursive acronym for “WINE Is Not an Emulator.” Linux and UNIX folks love doing that! What WINE allows a user to do is run Windows applications under Linux. It doesn’t work on all Windows apps, but it does for many… and it is getting better! But, could it possibly run FASTER on WINE than natively on Windows? Well, check this out!

WINE Runs Faster?

WINE impliments the Windows API under Linux… perhaps Linux coders have been able to do it better than Windows programmers. Either way, it is pretty cool!

Geek Software of the Week: Naomi

The recent post about the Bush Administration wanting Google search info to fight porn on the Internet, prompts this find for our Geek Software of the Week. For all you parents that want to block bad sites on the Internet… it can be EXPENSIVE! But, never fear! There is a FREE software package that is actually pretty neat! It is small, doesn’t drag down system performance, and effectively blocks sites by shutting down the browser (or other application) that accesses certain contect:

Naomi Internet Filter

“Naomi is able to constantly monitor all internet connections, protecting children from inappropriate online material – such as obscene or violent contents; pornography, pedophilia and erotism in the form of images or texts; sites that popularize drugs; gambling games; terrorism; hate propaganda; occultism; sects; blasphemy, etc.

Naomi does not rely on a simple list of banned sites; instead, it examines in real-time all the data being transmitted and received through any internet application – such as web browers, chat programs, news readers, etc.

The filtering technology employed in Naomi features:

  • Heuristic analysis capable of recognizing new material automatically.
  • Semantic analysis of web pages contents and analysis of their addresses and links.
  • Recognizes all the major languages (10+).
  • Recognizes ICRA labelling system.
  • Monitoring is not limited to web sites, but covers the whole local internet traffic.
  • Works with all service providers and software applications, and does not alter settings.
  • Allows blocking of file-sharing applications.
  • Password-protected (the password is chosen during the installation).
  • Easy to use: does not require configuration.
  • Can be used on slow connections (it does not perform any download in background).”
  • New Dr. Bill Podcast at your disposal! #20

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    New Skype Version (2.0) wins over critics, Steve Gibson finds a “back door” in Windows via the WMF exploit, very cool “404 page” on the net!, detailed view on stopping web browser hijacking, good tips!, new Blog festure provides tech news from BetaNews, the IEEE passes a draft of the new 802.11n standard to provide 600 MBps wireless!, hi res photo of the New Horizons Pluto probe liftoff, the Bush Administration vs. Google and web privacy, cute IBM Linux cartoons in Flash on the web!

    Bush Administration vs. Google

    I know we have to track the bad guys and look for porn pushers… BUT, this one does bug me. And, I am a tried and true conservative, make no mistake. I admire President Bush and support the war on terror, as well as a tracking down and prosecuting porn pushers… but, I am a privacy advocate as well. Being conservative, Christian and a supporter of on-line privacy and personal privacy is NOT a contradiction. There has to be a way to get the intel and track the bad guys and preserve our individual privacy as well. I don’t have the answer to this one, though.

    Bush vs. Google on Privacy Issues

    Stay tuned. This one is going to be VERY interesting!

    High Res Photo of Pluto Probe Liftoff

    This is a cool photo of the beginning of a cool mission! (No pun intended… I know Pluto is cold!)

    Hi Res Photo of Pluto Mission Liftoff

    I remember in 1969 watching the Apollo mission when the largest rocket ever built blasted off to carry three men to the moon. It would takes DAYS to reach the moon… the Pluto probe rocket made it to the moon, and passed it, in only nine hours! Wow!

    IEEE Passes 802.11n Standard Draft

    The IEEE is, of course, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Meeting in Hawaii (well, SOMEBODY’S gotta do it) they passed the first draft of the new 802.11n standard for wireless, which will eventually provide up to 600 MBps in throughput over wireless networking! Dewd!

    IEEE Committee Passes 1st Draft of 802.11n

    “Broadcom and Marvell have already announced chips based on the draft, with Broadcom saying its products would be upgradeable in case of any changes in the final revision. The first 802.11n chips could be released by the end of this quarter, Marvell said.

    Passage of a proposal requires a 75 percent vote in the affirmative, which it easily surpassed on a vote of 184 to 0 with four abstentions. However, final ratification is not expected until 2007.

    802.11n uses a technology called MIMO, which stands for multiple-in, multiple out. In layman’s terms, it means a device could have multiple antennas that handle more than one data stream at a time, thus speeding the transfer of data tremendously.

    According to test, data rates of up to 600 MBps could be expected. 802.11n devices would also be backwards compatible with the earlier 802.11a, b and g specifications.”

    Browser Hijacking and How to Stop It!

    Have you ever had your web browser hijacked? You open your browser and ZAP! Suddenly you are at some loser site that you did NOT have set as your Home Page! Then, you set your Home Page back to your normal one, only to find the next time that you open your browser again… ZAP! You have been hijacked, all right!

    Well, there are steps that you can take to solve this problem, and this article lays them out pretty well:

    Prevent Browser Hijacking

    I especially like his first step… don’t use Internet Explorer. There ya go!

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