Windows 8 Will Have REAL Roaming Profiles… In The Cloud!

I work will profiles all the time due to my work as a Citrix admin, they can be tricky! But, this may be an interesting “take” on roaming profiles if they work out! I am not sure about having my PC user profile stored at Microsoft! Kinda makes me shutter a little!

Windows 8 cloud-powered roaming user profiles revealed

“While it was already known that Windows 8 would feature heavy Windows Live cloud integration, the actual extent of that integration will likely continue to take shape as development progresses on the upcoming OS. One more aspect has now been uncovered, thanks to Windows 8 enthusiasts over at My Digital Life: Windows 8 will support roaming profiles when linked to your Windows Live account. Roaming profiles have been an enterprise feature of Windows since the days of NT.

As you can see, all the personalization bases are covered — from your wallpaper and Aero Glass settings to stored credentials and Explorer and taskbar preferences. Application data can be included as well, which has me particularly excited. It’s cool enough to be able to sync my browser profiles, but it would be better still to have my Microsoft Office, Photoshop, and other applications’ preferences running seamlessly in step across all my Windows systems.”