A New Version of FreeNAS is Out

I just saw a tweet from @PatrickNorton that the new version of FreeNAS is available.  I will have more to add to this, but right now I am sending this from my DroidX.  Hang in there!

OK, now I can flesh this out (I was at the Charlotte VMUG Meeting when I saw Patrick’s tweet.) Anyway, here’s the link:

FreeNAS Version 8

“The release of FreeNAS 8 includes major architectural optimizations, a django-driven user interface, and ZFS – lending us some useful features like thin provisioning, periodic snapshots, LDAP and Active Directory authorization along with the most popular platform sharing protocols.

FreeNAS 8 retains enterprise-class services while eliminating some ‘Home User’ functionality such as iTunes/DAAP, Bit Torrent, and UPnP. These features will make it back as third-party plugins at a later date.”

Free NAS is a great Network Area Storage solution that you can build from an old PC that you may have laying around unused. Very cool stuff!