How Linus Announced Linux!

This post on the “Methodshop” site, has an image of the Usenet posting that Linus Torvalds did back in 1991. It is quite amazing, because I read this from that newsgroup as it was posted. I remember that! Pretty wild!

How Linux Was Announced to the World in 1991 [pic]

“Ever used the Linux kernel or OS before? Even if you don’t currently have Linux installed on your home computer, chances are, something that you use on a daily basis, from the server that hosts your website to your television DVR, is powered by Linux. The open-source Linux operating system started a revolution in computing and is adored by software enthusiasts, power users, hackers and programmers everywhere.

Linux was created as a hobby by a Finnish computer science student named Linus Benedict Torvalds. But did you ever wonder how Linux was ‘announced?’ Linus first told the world about his ‘hobby OS’ on a Google Groups posting on Aug 26 1991 at 2:12 am.”

Look where we are now!